How It Works

post a job

After signing up for a free account, you can post your first job. You set the requirements and the budget. Once you post the job, it will be live immediately for freelancers to find! 


Qualified freelancers will be notified that your job is available. Freelancers will review your requirements and submit a bid. After a freelancer bids, you can contact them to discuss your needs. Once you find the freelancer that is the best fit for your job, you will accept their bids, put the agreed amount into escrow, and the work will begin! 

collaborate with freelancer

You can collaborate with a freelancer using what we call the “Workplace”. There you will be able to communicate with your hired freelancers and share files required for the project. You will also receive an email when you are not online at Umber-Elite so that you never miss an important message.

pay when you're satisfied

When the freelancer completes the job, they will submit it for final approval. You can either request modifications or approve the project. Once you approve the project, the funds will be released for final payment. 

what can i expect to pay?


Posting jobs on Umber-Elite Freelance is absolutely free. Clients pay absolutely nothing until they accept a bid. That’s right, you determine exactly what you spend! If you accept a bid from a freelancer of $75 that is exactly what you pay. There are no hidden fees on Umber-Elite Freelance.


Upon signing up for Umber-Elite Freelance you will receive 10 free bids. You use 1 bid to apply to one job on Umber-Elite Freelance. There are different monthly subscriptions for bidding. Once a client accepts your bid, and the client approves the completion of the project you will be paid. Umber-Elite Freelance charges a 12.5% service fee for each completed job.  

key JOBS

Virtual Assistants​
Web Design
social media management​
video editing​
non profit set up​
graphic design
live stream help
database management