OUr Mission

There’s this notion that to grow as an Black owned business; you have to do everything. All the time. From personal experience, we know that is just not possible. Now, there’s a better way. One where networking does not come at an expense of self respect and dignity. Here, growth and sustainability is met with like minded and and motivated individuals to provide a healthy work-life balance of consistent contracting opportunities and the best of American owned small  businesses. One where professional quality is met with a common goal and over-all will to succeed and affordability. It’s too difficult to do it all on your own.

We believe Umbrellasure Financial LLC will grow in a healthy economic  direction. That’s why we’ve created a platform that resources the local Umber-Elite with professional and affordable solutions so that you can do what you do best.

We love Umber-Elite

We are passionate about resourcing you so you can do what only you can do and that will never change.  

We love freelancers

We are driven to see Freelancers get new opportunities to serve kingdom-minded Umber-Elites and organizations!

We love faith based organizations

We are excited about coming alongside kingdom-minded organizations to further the mission of God. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly anything can be done through Umber-Elite Freelance! We encourage anything from graphic design to consulting to finding local musicians that could fill in for your worship team. We encourage anything that will further your ministry or organization!

Clients– Posting jobs on Umber-Elite Freelance is absolutely free. Clients pay absolutely nothing until they accept a bid. That’s right, you determine exactly what you spend! If you accept a bid from a freelancer of $75 that is exactly what you pay. There are no hidden fees on Umber-Elite Freelance.

Freelancers– Upon signing up for Umber-Elite Freelance you will receive 10 free bids. You use 1 bid to apply to one job on Umber-Elite Freelance. There are a couple of monthly subscriptions for bidding. Once a client accepts your bid, and the client approves the completion of the project you will be paid. Umber-Elite Freelance charges a 12.5% service fee for each completed job.  

When a client accepts a bid that a freelancer submits, the client will then purchase the amount of what we call credits that the client accepted on the bid. Keep in mind 1 credit = $1. It will be held in escrow until the project is completed by the freelancer. Once the client approves of the work the credits will be released to the freelancer. At this point the Freelancer can withdraw the credits which will convert to money to your bank account. You must have a balance of at least 5 credits ($5) in order to withdraw. Using our Escrow system protects both the client and the freelancer. This is why we require transactions to not be received outside of Umber-Elite Freelance.

Before you accept a bid you pay for credits equal to the bid amount. Keep in mind 1 credit = $1. The money will not be paid out to the freelancer until the freelancer submits the work for completion, and you approve the work. We do this to ensure the freelancer that the money is there and as long as they complete the job successfully the funds will be released to the freelancer.

Clients purchase the amount of credits they accept a bid. A credit is used to hold the money in escrow to ensure the freelancer that if they complete the project successfully they will be paid. Once a project is completed successfully the credit will be transferred to the freelancers account and freelancers will be able to withdraw their credits for money (1 credit = $1) to their bank account.

Clients and freelancers can open a dispute and the project will then go through the dispute process. 

Yes! Once you receive bids on your project you can chat with prospect freelancers to further talk through the project specifications.

Once a client accepts a freelancer’s bid. Both the freelancer and client will be able to go into the “workspace. There you can chat about your project and share pertinent files.